Questions about our business:

How did you come up with the name Coffee and Canvas™?

The first Coffee and Canvas™ class I ever held was at a local coffee shop called Mama’s Java. I worked there as a barista because I thought I wanted to have a coffee shop with an art gallery in it one day, but after teaching just one class I feel in love with teaching painting and decided to hold more classes at the coffee shop. Since we were at a coffee shop when my friend Tamara came up with the name Coffee and Canvas™ I was all for it!

How long have you been in business?

We opened in April 2012.

What services do you provide?

We offer mobile painting parties for kids and adults.  Our owner, Samantha Nolloth, does commission works like pet portraits and murals. You can view a gallery of her work here.

Mobile painting party questions:

What is a mobile painting party?

A mobile painting party is an art class held at your home, office, church etc. We bring all the supplies to your location to finish an 11×14 canvas painting that you and your friends take home. You provide the location, tables, chairs, and invite all your friends.

What kinds of parties can you do?

If you can imagine it we can make it work! Here are some past parties to get your mind thinking: Kid’s and adult birthday parties, block parties, ladies night out, bachelorette parties, office parties, church group parties, girl and boy scout parties, sports team parties, Mommy/Daughter (parent/child) parties, couple’s parties and the list goes on!


Do you come to our home to do the parties?

Yes, we can come to your house, but we can also do the party in other locations like your church, office, favorite restaurant (with permission from the restaurant), your favorite park, and more!

Does the name Coffee and Canvas™ mean you bring coffee to the party?

We started in a coffee shop, and that is why we are called Coffee and Canvas™. It is up to the hostess how they want to run the food and drink side of the party. We do not provide any refreshments. Oftentimes parties are BYOB wine nights!

Does the hostess provide the tables and chairs for the party?

Yes. We have small table top easels and table cloths. It is up to the hostess if they want to use their own table cloths.

Do you provide aprons?

Yes, we have adult and children’s aprons.

What kind of paint do you use?

Acrylic paint.

What size canvases do you use?

11×14 inches

What about our floor or carpet- do we need to cover it up during mobile painting parties?

No, but we do have large drop clothes. We use acrylic paint, which washes easily off of wood, tile and chairs etc. with soap and water so covering the floor is optional.


How long does a mobile painting party take?

Adult painting parties take two hours of painting time and kid’s painting parties take an hour to hour and half;  we always budget an hour on each end of the painting time for set up and cleanup.

How do I pick out what we'll be painting?

Pick from one of our painting options.

How do I book a party?

Simply click here and you will be led through our booking process.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, all transactions are run through Pay Pal.

How do I pay the deposit for my mobile painting party?

You will pay the deposit when you book your party, it will be a part of the new online booking process.

Is my mobile painting party deposit refundable?

If you cancel your party more than two (2) weeks before your reserved time slot, you will get half of your deposit back. You will not get your deposit back if you cancel within two (2) weeks of your party.

How do I pay the balance on the party?

Your instructor will guide you through the process. Balances are due at the end of your party.

I would like to have an adult with children and/or an adult couple’s mobile painting party. What would the charge be?

We charge the adult price per painter ($40).

What if I am unsure of my party location, but I am ready to book a date and time?

Go ahead and pay your deposit to be sure you get the date and time you want. We can always move things around if absolutely necessary, but please note our deposit refund policy still stands (see answer to “Is my deposit refundable?” question).

As a host/hostess what is my role?
    • Book your party by paying the deposit online. *Your party will not be reserved until the deposit is paid.
    • Pick out your painting option from our website. Click here to see our options.
    • Invite all your friends. *We have a complimentary invitation with guest tracking that you will receive upon paying your party deposit.
    • Collect the payment from each guest and pay the balance on our website with the instructor upon the completion of the party. *The hostess is solely responsible for the remaining balance due for the party whether or not the minimum guest requirement is met.


Questions about private painting lessons:

Do you offer private painting lessons?

Our owner Samantha offers beginner and advanced private painting lessons for children and adults. Contact her at 615-208-0801.

Miscellaneous questions:

How do I commission artwork by Samantha Nolloth?

You can contact Samantha Nolloth by calling her at 615-208-0801 or emailing her at

How do I find out about public parties/classes you might offer?

Our Facebook page is the best way to stay up to date on upcoming events!

When and where is your free kid's club held?

Our free kid’s club is held at the Nolensville Public Library typically on the third Thursday of every month. This schedule can change though so make sure to “Like” our Facebook page to keep informed. We bring all the supplies. We ask that parents stay with their kids to help them paint if they are under 7 years old. The club is first come, first served; we cannot guarantee a spot for your child.