Coffee and Canvas Gives Back

Coffee and Canvas Gives Back to the Community

Coffee and Canvas Gives Back

Giving back to the community

Coffee and Canvas is one of my passions. Another passion of mine, maybe even a bigger one, is giving back to the community and helping those in need through art. I had well over a hundred paintings from my Coffee and Canvas teaching adventures over the last five years. These paintings were piled high on shelves and I decided to get them in the hands of people who run or help some of my favorite Nashville non-profit programs.  The non-profits listed below have paintings you can purchase to help further fund their programs! My intention is that you would take some time to read about the programs below and if you feel led make a contribution to them by purchasing a painting. Please, contact me at if have a non-profit to tell us about in Nashville, TN or our newly added city, Buffalo, NY! Thank you.

My Canvas – The mission of MyCanvas is to offer basic art skills to at-risk youth in efforts to support identity development, healthy coping skills, and community resiliency through artistic creation and expression. Contact: Janet at

Chimes for Justice & Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors – We provide affordable legal services to low income immigrants and their families. We have helped thousands seeking work authorization, relief from deportation, and comfort. We also train volunteers, attorneys, law students and communities of faith to help us carry out our mission and advocate for the rights of our immigrant neighbors. Contact: Richard at

Urban Green Lab – Nashville’s nonprofit improving well-being through sustainable living. Contact:

Women’s Missionary Union of Tennessee Endowment Fund – Helping woman and children through missions ministries. Contact: Glenda at

Moutain T.O.P – To help meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the people of the Cumberland Mountain region. 

Nolensville Farmers’ MarketContact Kasi

I’d also like to tell you about the Oasis Center in Nashville. Coffee and Canvas donates our extra art supplies to them for their Underground Art Studio program.

Oasis is here to help at-risk youths navigate tricky waters of the teenage years with a wide range of programs that are designed to empower them and make them aware of their potential.

The Underground Art Studio at Oasis Center offers youth an opportunity to use creativity as a pathway for self-exploration, healing, community service and transformative justice. Our mission is to cultivate creative leadership within our youth to promote positive change in the Nashville community and beyond.

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