Samantha Nolloth

Samantha Nolloth artist and owner of Coffee and Canvas

About Artist Samantha Nolloth

Samantha Nolloth is the sun to your shine and the cream to your coffee. With a passion for art as big as her personality, she makes learning art enjoyable and easy. Raised in a country farm house in small town New York, her passion for life took her on adventures around the world. Some of her most recognizable personal paintings were created from memories of her time abroad. After settling down outside Nashville in 2011, she decided to fully embrace being a full-time artist. Little did she know that just a few years later she would own and operate a five year old successful mobile painting party company, called Coffee and Canvas™, which now employs multiple artists. Through Coffee and Canvas™ she has taught thousands of students of all ages and skill levels. Each time she paints with someone new her passion for art and teaching grows to new heights. She receives great pleasure from volunteering every month at senior living centers and with her free kid’s painting club at the Nolensville library.


Apart from running Coffee and Canvas™ she is also pursuing life as a professional artist. She deeply enjoys commissioned painting projects, participating in art shows and selling her personal paintings to those who will enjoy her art as much as she enjoys creating it. To see some of the projects Samantha has been up to visit her personal artist website (coming soon).

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Samantha Nolloth:

Ms. Samantha is so awesome. She has a very inviting personality. My daughters love visiting & learning from her each month @ the Nolensville Library. She can teach anyone to paint.” – Candice Hall Beshay

“Coffee and Canvas, under the direction of Samantha, is one of the most enriching and entertaining things to hit this area in a long time. She is a gifted teacher and possess a genuine love of people. Combine that with artistic talent and a huge sense of fun and you get a rockin’ good time when you paint with her. And you get a finished product that can boost your self esteem, or perhaps make you wince when you see that you are not the next Van Gogh. Although in Sam’s eyes, everyone has the makings of a real artist. Which in turn makes us believe in ourselves. The girl is spot on!” – Sheri Tigue

“I’ve had the pleasure to participate in three coffee and canvas events. Each one was a blast thanks in large part to the talented and highly entertaining Samantha Nolloth! I never would have thought I could paint a picture I’d be proud of, but Samantha has a gift for bringing out the artist in all of us. Her charming antics and pleasing personality put you immediately at ease. I highly recommend Coffee and Canvas to anyone wishing to explore their creative abilities!” – Meg Pickard

Coffee and Canvas Saved Me - A Note from Samantha Nolloth